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    Automatic guide hole punching and cutting equipment
    1. Automatic light sensing Discharge: As long as the processed material is outside the infrared sensing range, the discharger will automatically discharge the material to provide the material length required for the next feeding.
    2. Automatic roller guide frame: The product is fixed by the surrounding guide block to ensure that the product always maintains a consistent direction.
    3. Dust-proof and anti-static function: It is equipped with dust-removing anti-static roller on the work surface to remove dust and static electricity on the surface of the product.
    4. Directional positioning Fast: The directional positioning function is arranged on the work surface to ensure that the product does not appear biased during long-distance drawing.
    5. CCD image precise positioning: CCD industrial camera precise positioning, to ensure accurate positioning of the product, there will be no leakage of the hole.
    6. Punching Mold: The punching die adopts imported high-speed steel and fine grinding processing and vacuum heat treatment to ensure the precision and service life of the mold.
    7. Human machine interface display: The punching machine adopts the man-machine interface display, which can simultaneously watch the punching live.
    8. N C Servo Feeding: The NC servo feeder adopts the imported Japanese servo feeder. PLC programming can set 8 steps, and the feeding accuracy is guaranteed to 0.01MM.
    9. Light-sensing color locator: Light-sensing color-matching can control four punching heads to simultaneously punch holes to ensure consistency.
    10. Automatic cutting function: After the product positioning hole is processed, the cutting knife can be automatically cut by the PLC signal.
    11. Discharge speed: It can be adjusted at will. The starting frequency will gradually rise from 0 to run, avoiding the start too fast and causing surface scratches on the material.
    12. Punching speed: This equipment uses our own developed VT series software, high-speed stable motor, high computing industrial computer, punching speed up to 0.35 seconds / holeAutomatic Guide Hole Punching Equipment Pricelist