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    White washed oak engineered wide plank flooring
    White washed oak floor is recognisable by its white washed, almost distressed look. Particularly effective in modern settings, White washed oak floor is not only a popular option, it is also extremely versatile from a styling point of view. The signature look of limed oak flooring is thanks to the white wash effect, which effectively lies in the grain of the oak.

    Although commonly used in modern interiors, lime oak is not a new idea. As a wood preservation process, liming oak goes back hundreds of years. In its early phase, a caustic lime substance was applied to oak to protect it from bugs. As time went on, the white, residual effect of the lime on the wood became a sought after style and at this stage, liming started to be used purely for decorative, rather than protective reasons
    1 engineered oak parquet flooring Specification
    Length 1830mm, 2200mm
    Width 189mm, 220mm, 260mm
    Thickness 15mm, 20mm
    Top Veneer thickness 4mm, 6mm
    Height difference bewteen plans Max 0.2mm,
    Squareness tolerance Max 0.2mm
    Grade DD/CD/ABCD
    Specie Oak
    surface effect White washed, smoked, natural oiled/UV oiled
    T&G According to sample
    Moisture 6%-9%

    2 engineered oak parquet flooring Photos

    3 engineered oak parquet flooring Packing

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