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    The ring is made of a zinc alloy, the shape is an elliptical exaggeration, and the ring is indirectly hollowed out into small squares. Simple and generous design, suitable for everyday wear
    product properties
    Name: Zinc alloy exaggerated open ring
    Product Type: Ring
    Product net weight: 12.6 g
    Size: reference picture
    Size: 7-8 (you can customize the size you need)
    Metal color: gold / silver
    Material composition: zinc alloy
    Style: exaggeration

    Features and advantages
    1. We are a professional jewellery manufacturer and we have at least 10 years of experience in this industry. So you have a thousand reasons to be assured;
    2. Our products are of very good quality and are gradually improving, but don’t worry, even if we don’t raise prices. We need your support;
    3. No matter where you are and where you live, we will provide fair service like everyone else.
    We are happy to take on all responsibility for the entire delivery process and any potential issues.
    Intended use: Christmas / Thanksgiving / birthday / party
    Hypoallergenic: The bracelet set is environmentally friendly and non-allergenic. Will not cause any harm to your body or skin
    Warranty &Support
    If getting the goods and found the products have quality problem , you can take pictures to us ,then we check it and make compensation to you .If man-made sabotage /Artifical damage damage ,we will not do the remedy.China Zinc Alloy Ring