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    Vacuum High Speed Dispersion Machine instruction:
    Vacuum high speed dispersion machine for coatings, dyes, pigments, paints, inks, adhesives, resins, ointments, cosmetics, paper, food, rubber, composites, insulating materials, magnetic materials, other colorants and other chemical products. Liquid-solidification method for dispersing, grinding, stirring, homogenizing, mixing, and dissolving processing equipment. Also used in the process of multi-bubble materials and more volatile solvents, the material is dispersed in a vacuum container by vacuuming, and the volatilization of bubbles and solvents is reduced, and the dispersion of the materials can be accelerated by dispersion in a vacuum state. Quickly defoam the material.
    1, carefully designed stirring and dispersion structure, evenly stirred, no dead ends.
    2, vacuum degassing, no bacterial contamination.
    3, according to the process requirements can be distributed heating, steam heating, water cooling device.
    4. The parts of the vacuum disperser that are in contact with the material are all stainless steel.
    5. The dispersed material has a particle size of 1 to 2 μm.
    As shown in Figure 6, the vacuum disperser specifications can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.
    As shown in Fig. 7, the vacuum system device is vacuum pumped, and a vacuum is applied from the upper cover.
    Motor power(kg)7.5152230
    Disc size(mm)200250330380
    1. Factory outlets
    2. Easy to install
    3. Durable: 20 years guarantee
    4. European standard and OEM services
    5. Durable, applied and secureDispersing Machine manufacturers