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    As the most professional non-woven fabric supplier from china.we have the best price and high quality.
    As the most professional non-woven fabric supplier, the fabric we supply is hot-rolled non-woven fabric, which is divided into nylon and polyester. You can order different materials as needed. Moreover, we have different weights and three different levels of touch to choose from. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive service and the most comprehensive range of products.

    Features of nonwoven fabric
    Many different types of nonwoven fabric can be produced by selecting a different manufacturing method or raw material and designing a different thickness or density. Properties suitable for a specific use or purpose can also be added.
    Unlike cloth made by weaving filament s in a matrix, nonwoven fabric, formed by putting randomly piledfilament s together, has no vertical or horizontal directionality and is dimensionally stable. In addition, a cut portion does not fray.
    Unlike traditional types of cloth and fabric, nonwoven fabric does not require a weaving or knitting process, thus allowing low-cost production and facilitating mass production.
    Question and answer:
    Q:What crafts are you using?
    A:we provide hot rolled non-woven fabrics.
    Q:Can the size and weight be customizable?
    A:Yes,You can ask us for weight and size and other specifications as needed.Hot Rolled Non Woven Fabric manufacturers